Absolute beginner´s guide to creating web pages

Obal knihy Absolute beginner´s guide to creating web pages

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Spisovateľ: Stauffer Todd
Vydavateľ: Que
Rok vydania: 2003
Stav knihy: 5 z 5
Katalogové číslo: L9731

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Absolute beginner´s guide to creating web pages will have you putting together your own web site in no time... v angličtine brožovaná, väčší formát, 370 strán

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Foods that Harm Foods that Heal

Spisovatel: Kolektív autorov, The Reader´s Digest Association 1997
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Kolektív autorov - Foods that Harm Foods that Heal An A-Z guide to safe and healthy eating. In a blizzard of conflicting nutritional claims and information, here is a book that gets down to basics, debunks many myths, and gives the reader a useful and comprehensive look at food, nutrition, and health. Based on sound science and the research of more than 300 nutritional experts worldwide, it is well organized and indexed, and will be a refreshingly clear reference for anyone who wants to know about nutrition and health... veľký formát, tvrdá väzba, v angličtine, 400 strán

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The Unfortunates

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Graham Laurie - The Unfortunates Poppy Minkel is the daisy fresh, naively witty star of Laurie Graham's The Unfortunates. Poppy is a mustard heiress with crinkle-cut hair, sticky-out ears and a nutty Jewish family. When Pa goes down with the Titanic, Ma decides Poppy was destined to be the companion of her old age. Instead Thoroughly Modern Poppy, blessed with 'savoir faire and unusual beauty' sashays into 1920s New York in search of generation-defining moments.In a series of flashbulb-bright adventures Ms. Minkel acquires two husbands, two children, and a variety of breathless accomplishments--designer, aviatrix, gallerista. Poppy Minkel is determined to live up to her mantra: 'I'm modern and fun-loving and rich.' It's not all ditzy fun though, Poppy may glide along the surface of things admirably, but Laurie Graham's deft prose gets to the heart of things. The loss, grief, ignorance, and emotional vulnerbality that surround the events of the Second World War play in devasating counterpoint to Poppy's self-centred aplomb. Her breezy resilence allows her to deal with a drunken, violent first husband, with his haikus and his "glancing blows" and pretty much ignore anything else of consequence. It's only towards the end of the novel when faced with family tragedy that her regret slips in and "placed the heaviest weight around my heart". The Unfortunates is deliciously Nancy Mitford,--glinting with irony, sadness and humour.... brožovaná,v angličtine,väčší formát,370 strán

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Pre Vás: €1,71 (3 264 Kč)

Is This Life All There Is?

Spisovatel: Kolektív autorov, Watchtowe Bible and Track Society & International Bible Students Assocation 1974
Katalogové číslo: L7779

Kolektív autorov - Is This Life All There Is? Many common beliefs about life and death have held millions in the grip of fear. This book has been published in the hope that it will aid sincere persons to enjoy the freedom that only the truth can give... v angličtine, tvrdá väzba, bez obalu, malý formát, 190 strán

Stav knihy: 4 z 5

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