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Spisovateľ: Miller H.
Vydavateľ: Innercircle
Rok vydania: 1986
Katalogové číslo: B4210

Kategória v ktorej je kniha zaradená:

Volume two of the series of stories of various Eastenders characters. This book continues the human story of the families who live around Albert Square. It is a story not only of mistakes and setbacks, but also of people learning the hard lessons of life and - sometimes - coming out on top....tvrdá väzba, obal, výborný stav, 160 strán

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The Galileans

Spisovatel: Slaughter Frank G., A Panther Book 1960
Katalogové číslo: G5587

Slaughter Frank G. - The Galileans Frank Slaughter crafted this rather touching novelization of the life of Mary Magdalene in 1953. In his interpretation, the famous Biblical character is an independent female with powerful charms as a dancer and a beautiful mane of fiery red hair (depicted on the original dustjacket -- this idea of red hair for Mary Magdalene was also very popular with Italian Renaissance artists). He does not subscribe to the notion that Mary Magdalene was also the Mary of Bethany mentioned in the Bible (Scripture doesn't say they were the same person), and he does not paint her as a wily prostitute. Instead, his Mary Magdalene is a smart female who falls in love with the young, accomplished physician Joseph, nephew of the famed Joseph of Arimathea (who is mentioned in Scripture as the one who asked for Jesus' crucified body). While Joseph patiently waits for an opportunity to commit to her, Mary is caught up in circumstances beyond her control, drawn into Pontius Pilate's court and abused there. The idea of females -- particularly beautiful ones -- being seen only as sexual objects, and the resulting feelings of shame and lowliness, are huge themes here. And this male author takes quite a bit of care in illustrating them.When Jesus comes along in this story, he's only secondary, even though he's critical to Mary's "salvation." His words are taken directly from the Revised Standard Version of the New Testament. Slaughter dives into the politics of the time, the relations of Jews and Greeks and Romans, to set the proper scene for the Galileans he focuses on. But the things Mary falls victim to have nothing to do with politics or the dreadful way females were viewed in those times; these are universal themes that are alive and thriving today.... malý formát,v angličtine,brožovaná,285 strán

Stav knihy: 4 z 5

kúpiť€1,50 (2 257 Kč)
Pre Vás: €1,43 (2 144 Kč)

Power sleep

Spisovatel: Maas James a kolektiv a., Quill 1998
Katalogové číslo: N1517

Maas James a kolektiv a. - Power sleep Do your eyelids feel heavy during afternoon meetings? Do you sleep extra hours on weekend mornings? Do you use caffeine to stay alert? An alarm to get out of bed? These are all symptoms of sleep deficiency--signals that you are operating below your peak performance and beneath your mental capacity. Despite popular perceptions, sleep is not a luxury--it is a necessity... brožovaná, v angličtine, 296 strán

Stav knihy: 4 z 5

kúpiť€4,40 (0 Kč)
Pre Vás: €4,18 (0 Kč)

The cultural heritage - Romania-Serbia

Spisovatel: Kolektív autorov, Ariadnae filum 2012
Katalogové číslo: L4500

Kolektív autorov - The cultural heritage - Romania-Serbia Content: The cultural heritage - the supreme form of the national identity - Romania-Serbia, Nature, Stone traces of ancestors, Human encounter with god, Housing fro shelter to art... v angličtine, tvrdá väzba, 128 strán

Stav knihy: 5 z 5

kúpiť€4,90 (0 Kč)
Pre Vás: €4,66 (0 Kč)

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