Intimate Relationships

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Spisovateľ: Brehm Sharon S.
Vydavateľ: McGraw-Hill Publishing Company
Rok vydania: 1985
Stav knihy: 4 z 5
Katalogové číslo: H2642

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Intimate Relationships, by Sharon S. Brehm, preserves the personal appeal of the subject matter and vigorous standards of scholarship that made the earlier editions so successful. Written in a unified voice, this text builds on the reader-friendly tone that was established in the first two editions. It presents the key findings on intimate relationships, the major theoretical perspectives, and some of the current controversies in the field. Brehm illustrates the relevance of close relationship science to readers' everyday lives, encouraging thought and analysis. Classic contributions to the field are covered in addition to topics on the leading edge of research.... v angličtine, brožovaná, väčší formát, 460 strán

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