Brother Brother, Sister Sister

Obal knihy Brother Brother, Sister Sister

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Spisovateľ: Dunmore Helen
Vydavateľ: Scholastic press
Rok vydania: 1999
Stav knihy: 5 z 5
Katalogové číslo: K9469

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Tanya's life is a mess. She's got four new brothers and sisters. Nobody in her family gets much sleep anymore, and there are diapers everywhere. Tanya deals with the craziness by writing in her diary - and there's no shortage of hilarious stories to tell!... v angličtine, brožovaná, 117 strán

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The World Below

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Miller Sue - The World Below Cath Hubbard, a San Francisco woman in her 50s, returns to her grandmother's small Vermont house after the death of an aunt who left the property to Cath and her brother Lawrence. Cath had lived with her grandparents for a few years in her teens, after her mother's suicide, and now makes her wounded way back, in the wake of a divorce, to sort through her memories of her beloved grandmother, Georgia. This is the standard fare of American literary fiction: a life change prompting a search into the past. What is far less ordinary is Miller's placid, nuanced depiction of her protagonist's emotional journey. None of Cath's feelings can be easily predicted by the reader, but all of them ring true. She finds her grandmother's diary and begins to fill in the stories that Georgia had hinted at over the years. What Cath discovers in her grandmother's journal is a secret that has lost its power to shock; and that very wearing away of taboo adds to the poignancy of Georgia's restricted life. Her story unfolds against a backdrop of Cath's more immediate griefs and concerns and begins to recede as Cath's San Francisco life returns to claim her. Miller's prose appears effortless, but is like the gestures of a magician that conceal how the trick is accomplished. The result is a sage, continually surprising novel about finding peace of mind in a combination of habit, love, and self-determination.... v angličtine, brožovaná, 275 strán

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The lynmara legacy

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Gaskin Catherine - The lynmara legacy The sweeping saga of two remarkable women, their courage, ambitions, and the men they love - from New York in the Great Depression to England during the Second World War. By the bestselling author of The Property of a Gentleman and Sara Dane... v angličtine, brožovaná, menší formát, 384 strán

Stav knihy: 4 z 5

kúpiť€1,20 (0 Kč)
Pre Vás: €1,14 (0 Kč)

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