Simi Valley - A journey through time

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Spisovateľ: Havens Patricia
Vydavateľ: Simi Valley Historical society and museum
Rok vydania: 1997
Stav knihy: 5 z 5
Katalogové číslo: L1094

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"Simi Valley, A Journey Through Time" is the most complete history of Simi Valley, California ever written. Experts in the fields of anthropology, geology, paleontology, water resources, native plants and animals and local history researched and contributed the information, focused exclusively on Simi Valley. Information was gathered from several generations of pioneer families. Transportation routes, the railroad, history of agriculture and memories and reminiscences make it a very appealing book to all ages, and to newcomers as well as oldtimers. Some space is devoted to the past forty years, bringing it up to date with changes wrought by modern development. There are 546 photographs and illustrations, .... v angličtine, obal, tvrdá väzba, veľký formát, na prednej strane venovanie s podpisom autorky, 505 strán

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