Tara Kane, Elephant Bill, The brendan voyage, A stranger is watching, The spuddy

Obal knihy Tara Kane, Elephant Bill, The brendan voyage, A stranger is watching, The spuddy

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Spisovateľ: Makrstein G., Williams J. H., Severin T., Clark M. H., Beckwith L.
Vydavateľ: Reader's Digest
Rok vydania: 1978
Stav knihy: 4 z 5
Katalogové číslo: L3193

Kategória v ktorej je kniha zaradená:

George Markstein - Tara Kane, J. H. Williams - Elephant Bill, Tim Severin - The brendan voyage, Mary Higgins Clark - A stranger is watching, Lillian Beckwith - The spuddy..v angličtine, tvrdá väzba, bez obalu, 510 strán

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The sword and the olive

Spisovatel: Creveld Martin Van, Public affairs 1998
Katalogové číslo: L9202

Creveld Martin Van - The sword and the olive Combining razor-sharp analysis with dramatic narrative, vivid portraits of soldiers and commanders with illuminating discussions of battle tactics and covert actions, The Sword and the Olive traces the history of the IDF from its beginnings in Palestine to today. The book also goes beyond chronology to wrestle with the political and ethical struggles that have shaped the IDF and the country it serves—struggles that are manifesting themselves in the recent tragic escalation of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Often revisionist in attitude, surprising in many of its conclusions, this book casts new light on the struggle for peace in the Middle East... v angličtine, brožovaná, väčší formát, 422 strán

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Don´t Cry For Me Aberystwyth

Spisovatel: Pryce Malcolm, Bloomsbury 2007
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Pryce Malcolm - Don´t Cry For Me Aberystwyth The fourth book in the Louie Knight Mystery series. It's Christmas in Aberystwyth. The tourists have gone home. The latest movie starring Clip the Sheepdog is on at the cinema. And a man wearing a red and white robe is found brutally murdered in a Chinatown alley. A single word is scrawled in his blood on the pavement: Hoffmann. But who is Hoffmann? Thus begins the latest hilarious adventure in the "Louie Knight" series. This time, Aberystwyth's celebrated crimefighter finds himself all at sea in a brilliant pastiche of a cold war spy thriller. Caught in a web of intrigue spanning the world from Patagonia to Aberystwyth, Louie sets out on the trail of a legendary document stolen long ago from Adolf Eichmann. It is said to contain an astonishing revelation about the ultimate fate of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, but he's not the only one who wants it. A bewildering array of superannuated spooks and silver-haired spies have descended on Aberystwyth, all lured out of retirement by one tantalising rumour: Hoffmann has decided to come in from the Cold. Louie Knight, who still hasn't wrapped his presents, just wishes he could have waited until after the holiday... v angličtine, tvrdá väzba, väčší formát, obal, 280 strán

Stav knihy: 5 z 5

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Parting Company

Spisovatel: Morin / Cabrera, DBM Publishing 2000
Katalogové číslo: A9870

Morin / Cabrera - Parting Company This book the Los Angeles Times called a "godsend" - how to survive th loss of a job and find another successfully. Contents: It cant happen to me...can it?, The art of getting fired, The first seventy-two hours, Career decision making, aso.... 388 strán, v angličtine, brožovaná

Stav knihy: 4 z 5

kúpiť€1,10 (1 983 Kč)
Pre Vás: €1,05 (1 884 Kč)

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