Absolute beginner´s guide to creating web pages

Obal knihy Absolute beginner´s guide to creating web pages

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Spisovateľ: Stauffer Todd
Vydavateľ: Que
Rok vydania: 2003
Stav knihy: 5 z 5
Katalogové číslo: L9731

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Absolute beginner´s guide to creating web pages will have you putting together your own web site in no time... v angličtine brožovaná, väčší formát, 370 strán

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Harry the Poisonous Centipede

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Banks Lynne Reid - Harry the Poisonous Centipede Harry is a poisonous centipede but he's not very brave.Still, he is the star of this seriously squirmy story. Harry likes to eat things that wriggle and crackle, and things that are juicy and munchy! But there are some things that a centipede must never try to eat -- dangerous things like flying swoopers, belly wrigglers, mid the most dangerous of all... Hoo-Mins! Harry's mother makes him promise never to go up the Up-Pipe to the world of Hoo-Mins, but Harry's best friend, George, has other ideas! And as every young Hoo-Min knows, when your best friend wants to do something that sounds exciting, it's very hard to say no. So George and Harry poke their feelers out and smell the air....and that's when their adventures begin. Lynne Reid Banks's storytelling sparkles in this tale of her new centipede hero and his creepy-crawly world. Fizzing with fun, it will be a delightfully squirmy experience for all young readers.... brožovaná, v angličtine, 160 strán, ilustroval Tony Ross,

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The Bloodstone Papers

Spisovatel: Duncan Glen, Pocket Books 2006
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Duncan Glen - The Bloodstone Papers This story is set in India, 1946. Ross Monroe is a boxer, a Catholic, an Anglo-Indian - part of the race that runs the administrative side of the Empire for the English. Light enough in skin to join the RAF during the war, after being demobbed he took up a post in the Indian railway, all the while knowing that boxing would take him to the next Olympics, and then to England and a career as a professional. Until a man called Skinner robs him first of his money, in a scam in the marketplace, and then of his identity, in the ring. In England, 2005, Owen Monroe thinks he has a lead on where Skinner is now - a novel he's found which tells the story of a young boxer, a Catholic, an Anglo-Indian, who works for the railways... v angličtine, brožovaná, 410 strán

Stav knihy: 5 z 5

kúpiť€1,90 (4 116 Kč)
Pre Vás: €1,81 (3 910 Kč)

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