A pillar of society

Obal knihy A pillar of society

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Spisovateľ: Hamilton Julia
Vydavateľ: Penguin books
Rok vydania: 1995
Stav knihy: 3 z 5
Katalogové číslo: M995

Kategória v ktorej je kniha zaradená:

This novel tells the story of a summer of crisis for Sir Guy and Lady Marjorie who live at Fordingbridge Castle. Marjorie has created a famous garden, which she talks about on television. In Poland, the programme is seen by a man who was her lover during the war and by whom she became pregnant... v angličtine, brožovaná, menší formát, chýba časť zadnej obálky, zľava 20%, 280 strán

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V kategórii Anglická ďalej doporučujeme

The sword and the olive

Spisovatel: Creveld Martin Van, Public affairs 1998
Katalogové číslo: L9202

Creveld Martin Van - The sword and the olive Combining razor-sharp analysis with dramatic narrative, vivid portraits of soldiers and commanders with illuminating discussions of battle tactics and covert actions, The Sword and the Olive traces the history of the IDF from its beginnings in Palestine to today. The book also goes beyond chronology to wrestle with the political and ethical struggles that have shaped the IDF and the country it serves—struggles that are manifesting themselves in the recent tragic escalation of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Often revisionist in attitude, surprising in many of its conclusions, this book casts new light on the struggle for peace in the Middle East... v angličtine, brožovaná, väčší formát, 422 strán

Stav knihy: 5 z 5

kúpiť€5,90 (0 Kč)
Pre Vás: €5,61 (0 Kč)

When Tomorrow Dawns

Spisovatel: Andrews Lyn, BCA 1998
Katalogové číslo: G8932

Andrews Lyn - When Tomorrow Dawns 1945. The people of Liverpool, after six years of terror and grief and getting by, are making the best of the hard-won peace, none more so than the ebullient O’Sheas. They welcome widowed Mary O’Malley from Dublin, her young son Kevin, and Breda, her bold strap of a sister, with open arms and hearts. Mary is determined to make a fresh start for her family, despite Breda, who is soon up to her old tricks. At first all goes well, and Mary begins to build an understanding with their new neighbour Chris Kennedy – until events take a dramatic turn that puts Chris beyond her reach. Forced to leave the shelter of the O’Sheas’ home, humiliated and bereft, Mary faces a future that is suddenly uncertain once more. But she knows that life has to go on... obal, tvrdá väzba,

Stav knihy: 5 z 5

kúpiť€2,20 (1 559 Kč)
Pre Vás: €2,09 (1 481 Kč)

Hunting the Cat

Spisovatel: Gray Keith, Mammoth 1997
Katalogové číslo: F3737

Gray Keith - Hunting the Cat Joseph's father takes him for a weekend fishing in the mountains to try and repair an awkward relationship. But when the trip turns into a hunt for a big cat which is loose in the hills, what started as an unwelcome idea rapidly becomes a living nightmare.... malý formát, brožovaná, v angličtine, 197 strán

Stav knihy: 4 z 5

kúpiť€1,40 (2 340 Kč)
Pre Vás: €1,33 (2 223 Kč)

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