Test bank I to accompany economics - eleventh edition

Obal knihy Test bank I to accompany economics - eleventh edition

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Spisovateľ: McConnell Campbell R., Brue Stanley L.
Vydavateľ: McGraw-Hill
Rok vydania: 1990
Stav knihy: 5 z 5
Katalogové číslo: J9096

Kategória v ktorej je kniha zaradená:

Contents: Coding system for test bank I, The nature and method of economics, An introduction to the economizing problem, Pure capitalism and the circular flow, Understanding individual markets: demand and supply, The market system and the five fundamental questions, The economic functions of government, The facts of American capitalism: the private sectors and the public sector, Measuring national output, national income, and the price level, Macroeconomic instability: unemployment and inflation, Macroeconomic analysis: aggregate demand and aggregate supply, Classical and Keynesian theories of employment... väčší formát, v angličtine, brožované, 604 strán.

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