Bride of doom

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Spisovateľ: Robins Denise
Vydavateľ: Mayflower
Rok vydania: 1976
Stav knihy: 4 z 5
Katalogové číslo: L1826

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Fauna, the beautiful quadroon slave-girl - heroine of GOLD FOR THE GAY MASTERS - had a daughter Fleur, as beautiful, as fatally captivating as herself. This is Fleur's story. The story of an arranged marriage to the forbidding Baron of Cadlington, of her love for the young artist Peveril, of the darkly-predicted black heir who is born to her, of her fiery attempts to find escape, revenge - and fulfilment of the restless urges that burn in her fated blood... v angličtine, brožovaná, menší formát, 222 strán

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Guinness World Records 2004

Spisovatel: Kolektív autorov, Guinness World Records Limited 2003
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Kolektív autorov - Guinness World Records 2004 Welcome to Guinness World Records 2004! The last twelve months have been a particularly eventful and exciting time for Guinness WOrld Records, with many impressive new achievements... v angličtine, tvrdá väzba, veľký formát, 288 strán

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The Eagles Gather

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Caldwell Taylor - The Eagles Gather He was dying. It was regrettable and a damned nuisance, but there it was. But sometimes, as he worked into the night these feverish war days, there seemed to come a stoppage in his thoughts, like a big stone thrown into the neck of a narrow stream... v angličtine, brožovaná, 477 strán, menší formát

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Phoenix café

Spisovatel: Jones G., Vista 1997
Katalogové číslo: D2115

Jones G. - Phoenix café Third volume of the trilogy (White Queen, 1993; North Wind, 1996) about the exploitation of Earth by baboon-like, hermaphrodite, serially immortal aliens. Catherine is a human/alien hybrid. Though biologically human, her father is the influential Aleutian, Lord Maitri; mentally, Catherine herself the reincarnation of Clavel, the Aleutian Third Captain from the First Expedition. Now, after 300 years, the Aleutians are preparing to leave, and a human conspiracy, led by Misha Connelly and his friends at the Phoenix Cafe, are plotting against them. Catherine feels guilty for the rape she committed as Clavel, so she allows Misha to abuse and manipulate her. Then the Americans, who've permitted no contact with the Aleutians, prepare to receive a trade delegation. Maitri lies dying. Catherine discovers that Misha's plotters have been preparing ghastly biological weapons to use against the Aleutians, in retaliation for the aliens' refusal to share their advanced technology-though it turns out that they've developed the technology independently anyway. The biological weapons are for one human faction to use against another. Maitri dies, Catherine gets some explanations for her strange experiences, and the Aleutians depart. Wonderful aliens, unpleasant gender conflicts, heavy-handed metaphors, imperceptible plot: It all adds up to a churning, unsatisfying, rather unwieldy wrapup...v angličtine, brožovaná, výborný stav, 300 strán

kúpiť€1,20 (2 850 Kč)
Pre Vás: €1,14 (2 708 Kč)

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