The haunting of Cassie Palmer

Obal knihy The haunting of Cassie Palmer

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Spisovateľ: Alcock Vivien
Vydavateľ: Mammoth
Rok vydania: 1991
Stav knihy: 4 z 5
Katalogové číslo: L1215

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Thirteen-year-old Cassie Palmer, the seventh child of a seventh child, has inherited the gift of second sight. Unsure whether or not she even believes in ghosts, Cassie heads to the cemetery to test her ability to communicate with the Other World. She starts with the departed spirit of a harmless child: CHARLOTTE EMMA ELIZABETH WEBB, BORN 1840 DIED 1847. But when a mysterious man appears, Cassie finds a new companion. Is he a gravedigger? A bum? Or did Cassie's inexperience cause her to bring back Charlotte's frightening neighbor: DEVERILL 1720 - 1762?... v angličtine, brožovaná, menší formát, kniha v plastovom obale, 155 strán

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Pre Vás: €1,33 (0 Kč)

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